The Following Recommendations Films Worth Watching in January 2020

The Following Recommendations Films Watching movies in theaters can be one of the activities on the sidelines of busyness and daily routine in early January 2020.

Moreover, a number of new films from various genres both foreign and domestic are waiting to be watched.

In addition to the story about the continuation of the Love Si Doel story , Layarkeren there is also a horror film the Death Letter which was shot in the City of Gudeg.

The 1917 action film directed by Sam Mendes, maker of James Bond (Skyfall), can also be a reference for cinema viewing in January 2020.

Here are a number of films that aired in January 2020:

  • 1. End of the Doel’s Love Story

The End of Si Doel’s Love Story is the third film from the Si Doel the Movie trilogy. As the title suggests, this film still tells the story of the love triangle Doel, Sarah and Zaenab.

Joy pours down on the Doel family (Rano Karno) when Sarah returns to Jakarta with Dul (Rey Bong).

Even though there is happiness, still, Sarah’s return will again drag Zaenab and Doel into the waves of the love triangle.

Zaenab who is positively pregnant is in doubt. He was still traumatized having lost a baby in the past.

Not only that, Zaenab must now choose between staying by Doel’s side or letting him go to reunite a family.

Sarah didn’t lose her weirdness either. He has to decide if he’ll ever get a divorce with Doel or refer back to Dul’s heart.

The plan for this Doel movie starts airing on January 23.

  • 2. Later We Tell About Today (NKCTHI)

Films based on the book of the same name can be enjoyed on the first weekend of January.

This film is known to tell a story about a family that actually keeps a secret.

Viewers will be invited to explore the lives of Space (Rio Dewanto), Aurora (Sheila Dara) and Cloud (Ra-chel Amanda), sisters who live in happy families.

The Following Recommendations Films Cloud is acquainted with Kale, an eccentric man who gives him the ups and downs of life.

Even Cloud’s attitude changed. Then he got pressure from his parents.

This prompted the rebellion of the three siblings which led to the revelation of large secrets and trauma in their families.

  • 3. Letters of Death

Films in January 2020 also feature horror films. One of them is the Letter of Death.

The film, starring Carissa Perusset, Jerome Kurnia, Omara Esteghlal, and Endy Arfian, has a background in Yogyakarta.

Zein failed to prove the existence of urban legend Mbak Rohanna ghost at Perawan Bridge, Yogyakarta.

That made him have to find another place for YouTube content Zein and his friends.

Finally they did a terrible action in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta and claimed to get a death certificate.

There is a threat if the order in the letter is not carried out, there will be a murder.

  • 4. 1917

The film, directed by Sam Mendes, presents the epic work of the first World War.

At that time young British soldiers, Schofield (George Mackay) and Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) were given a mission that seemed impossible, namely a race against time.

The Following Recommendations Films They must cross enemy territory and deliver a message to stop an attack that could take hundreds of British troops.

Blake’s siblings are among them.

The action war film is said to be presented in one shot without stopping from beginning to end of the film.

This action genre film can only be watched January 22.

  • 5. Underwater

Kristen Stewart came back after playing the film Charlie’s Angels in November 2019.

In this film he became one of the underwater crew. But the earthquake destroyed their underground laboratory.

They are at risk of losing oxygen and equipment to support life.

So they decided to go down the underwater road and head for the next station.

But the crew began to realize that there was something more frightening on the seabed.

This film can only be watched in theaters on January 8.