How to Determine Winners on IDN Poker Online GAMBLING

How to Determine Winners on IDN Poker Online When you play on the online IDN poker site, all the requirements to win the game must be fulfilled. The main requirement to play, understand how the game is won. Without knowing exactly, surely you will go in the wrong direction.

Poker game itself can be won after knowing 5 bettor cards that still survive on the table. These five cards come from two hole cards given by the dealer at the beginning of the game. The other three cards are community cards placed by the dealer on the table openly on the flop, turn in, and river rounds.

The basic sequence of values ​​for a combination is that the flush card has the highest level of any combination. then proceed with straight, pair 3, and pair 2. Then what if there are more than one player who has the same combination. This is where we will explain it as capital when betting on the Tangkasnet online poker site. Sites that carry licenses from PACGOR and BMM.

Determine the Winners of Flush on IDN Poker Online
If more than one player carries a flush, the player who carries a flush with a higher card is superior to the others. For example the game gets a heart A card and 6 hearts. Whereas player B gets K and J hearts.

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The community card that is opened by sleeping on a table is eight hearts 5 hearts 10 curls, Q hearts and 2 spades. From this situation the game can form 5, 6, 8, Q, and A hearts. Whereas player B can form 5, 8, JQ, and K hearts.

In this situation Player A has the right to win the game, because he has a US card that is higher than all cards owned by Player B. This is independent of the other cards. Because what counts for winning the game is the player who carries the highest card.

How to Determine Winners Pair
Whereas if both bettors bring together two pairs which are entitled to win the game. In a poker game that is decided to be the winner is the opponent who has the highest pair, regardless of the other pair. But if the first pair has the same value, continue with the second pair. Next if the two pairs are exactly the same, the key to victory is the kicker Judi Bola Tangkas.

For example the game gets A diamond and A curly, while player b gets KQ hearts. At the dealer table open a k diamond card, q spade, 2 spades, 3 hearts, 2 curls. The first player can form two pairs with AA, 2 2 and Kicker K. While player 2 forms a combination of kk, qq, and kicker 3. Here player A has the right to bring home the victory because it has the highest of AA.

Next if in a situation like this who wins the game? player one gets an A diamond and 2 curls, while pain 2 gets a K spade and k hearts. The dealer opens a community card on the k diamond table, 6 spades, 6 curls, 6 diamonds and 6 hearts. In this situation Player 1 has the right to win the game. Because it gets kicker A, while player 2 gets kicker K Bola Tangkas.

That was our explanation before determining the victory in poker. But to win the game is not enough just to understand these basic rules. On his journey you will be faced with many difficulties calculating whether your card has a stronger combination than your opponent. because continue on the next material like estimating your opponent’s cards and making the right decision on the online poker site IDN.