History of Agile Balls Online and How to Play them

History of Agile Balls on this occasion I would like to discuss about the popular history of the game Bola Tangkas . Tangkas Ball Game first came from China but as time went by many Chinese citizenswent overseas to Taiwan . And in the end in Taiwan the game is very popular to the hereditary. As for Indonesia , the game was only entered in 1980. In 1980 in Indonesiareceive free trade from abroad so this game can arrive in Indonesia. In the end this game became very popular among gambling lovers at that time.

Before we explain in more detail about this game and how to play this game. First we will explain the definition of the Tangkas Ball itself .

Agile Ball Games is a game known as poker card games. Although using a poker card but the game ball Agile is different from other poker card game. The difference is how to play that is if a poker card is usually played on a betting table in a casino. As for the Agile Ball displayed on a screen inside the slot machine. For the machine finally has its own name, the game ” Mickey Mouse” . Why does this game get the nickname game ” Mickey Mouse?” . That’s all because the game logo is a mouse, so many people know that it is a ” Mickey Mouse” game.

As time goes by, technology becomes more sophisticated, so this Online Soccer Game also undergoes changes. Previous game ball Agile is only provided at the Casino . So for those of you who want to play Tangkas Ball you have to go to the Casino to be able to play. With the changing times, this game makes the fans of Tangkas Ball no longer have to bother – report again to come play directly to the Casino. For fans of Tangkas Ball now they can play via mobile or computer online via the internet. That way you can just play the game anywhere and anytime.

One thing you should know is that before you play the Soccer Ball . Previously you had to download the Java application for your own computer or cellphone. The function of java as a supporting application so that you can access the game Ball Agile .
After you download the Java application, don’t forget to download the Bola Tangkas Online application so you can get into the game using the User ID and password that you previously got from the Bola Tangkas Agent.

How to play Tangkas Ball Online, of course the first thing you will go through is to choose one of the Most Trusted Online Agents . Before you are given an ID and Password to access this game. You will first be asked to fill in your details and your bank account.

The data is to facilitate you in making transactions and have access to enter into the game. After your registration is complete, the agent will give you an account with an ID and password to access the game.
Below we will give an example of an image of access to the Soccer Ball .

In the picture above it’s called Bola Tangkasnet. So after you access to the Tangkasnet (Mickey Mouse) account.

* A: menu to exit the game.
* B: menu option to view announcements and change the game screen display to large or normal view.
* C: is the table game selection menu.
* D: option menu for you to withdraw or transfer balance / funds.
* E: contains options to change card / music display options and also to change your game’s User ID password.
* F: function for you to chat with the operator. From this menu you get also confirm to make a deposit or you want to confirm the withdrawal of your funds with the previous note that you have transferred coins from your ID to the center.

From the information above, we will explain how History of Agile Balls mechanism for playing Tangkas Ball . So before making a game of course you need to make a deposit first. To make a deposit you need to first confirm with the Agent that you previously registered. After getting the Agent’s account number. Then the next step is to do your fund transfer transaction. Either by transferring with an ATM machine or by using the internet banking bank that you registered earlier.

After you make a deposit to accelerate the steps to replenish credit, you  can contact the agent of your choice. After the credit has been added to your account, you can start the game by selecting Bola Tangkas Android an empty room.

Explanation of the Tangkasnet Ball Bonus

1. Royal Flush: is a combination of series cards starting from small to large.
2. 5 Of A Kind: a card that consists of the same 5 cards.
2. 5 Of A Kind: a card that consists of the same 5 cards.
3. Straight Flush: A card consisting of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace with the same flower and also the same flower, but with a small sequential card.
4. 4 Of A Kind: Consists of 4 combinations of the same card.
5. Full House: A card consisting of a Tris combination card or 3 of a kind and 2 pairs.
6. Flush: A combination of cards consisting of 5 cards of the same flower and color.
7. Straight: Combination of cards that consist of 5 cards in a row but do not have to have the same interest.
8. 3 Of A Kind: a combination of 3 cards that have the same value.
9. 2 Pair: A card array consisting of two identical cards or two pairs of cards that are twins with another card, but the pair must have a pair of 10 that is higher.
10. Ace Pair: A pair of twin cards consisting of Ace Pair.
Thus the explanation of the History of Agile Balls Game Online. Hopefully it can help lovers of the Ball Game . Thank you!