Avriellya Shaqila Becoming Successful Adult Magazine Model

Avriellya Shaqila Becoming Successful A few days ago a model named Avriellya Shaqila was caught in a hotel room in Surabaya and allegedly involved in an online prostitution case .Avriellya Shaqila works as an adult magazine model .Avriellya Shaqila’s name shot in the world of modeling when she managed to become a popular model and FHM magazine.

FHM Magazine itself is a magazine specifically for adult men. As an adult magazine model , Avriellya Shaqila’s charm is not far from sexy. Seeing the photos that are spread on social media, he often has a hole in his body. Still on his Instagram bio, Avriellya Shaqila Cerita Sex apparently is in the auspices of management.

As noted, he is a member of P Management.

After being traced on P Management’s Instagram account, apparently this management overshadows the sexy models. After being questioned by the police, Avriellya Shaqila made a statement of apology in front of the media crew.

In a video uploaded to the Instagram account @tribun_jatim, it looks Avriellya wearing a tight brown dress and jacket as the outcome.

With her body moved, Avriellya read her apology for the mistake.

“Good night everyone, Assalamualaikum warohmatullahiwabarokatuh, I Avriellya apologize to the public and all media crews, who have been preaching me, about me who has made all the mistakes and mistakes, especially I want to apologize to the police,” said an apology from Avriellya Shaqila.

Avriellya Shaqila Becoming Successful Seeing the video, many citizens suddenly did not focus on what he said but focused on Avriellya’s expression and gestures

“Like reading poetry haha,” write an account @ drkirania1120.

Some say Avriellya’s crying is too excessive.

“LEBAY’S Cry (emoticon),” wrote the account @ dyazzz333.

There is also a citizen who commented on a video uploaded by another account stating that why apologize because no one knows him.

There are also citizens who vent their anger to see the expression of Avriellya Shaqila who seemed not to regret what he had done.

“There are no expressions of regret,” wrote the @achmadaprizal account, commenting on Avriellya Shaqila’s expression when apologizing to the public in front of the media crew. (*)

This article once appeared on Nakita.id with the title Becoming an Adult Magazine Model, Avriellya Shaqila’s Appearance When Apologizing Becomes a Citizenship Spotlight.